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Just a few examples of some catering we've done. We've started taking more pictures again and will be adding to this, as well as the other galleries, from now on. Who knows, maybe YOUR event will be on here!

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Great Food

Great food since 1987 and it won't break your wallet! Our menu is, by far, the BEST OF THE BEST. You're guaranteed to walk away full and we know you'll be telling your friends about the superb value!

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Ice Sculptures

We’ve been creating quality events and creative centerpieces since 1987! Some of these pictures have been around nearly as long! Culinary quality is as timeless as the art surrounding it. Be assured we’ve been doing it quiet a while and would love to enhance YOUR next event!

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Customer Contributed

Have a few photos to share from a recent event or just goofing off with us at the restaurant? Please feel free to share them here! We love seeing people have fun as much as we love great food!

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