Catering Hero

How to Make Sure Your Caterer Makes You Look Like a Hero

Fowler Street Grill is the only caterer with the 120% guarantee. We guarantee your full service catering will have great food, and you will not run out of food. If you feel the catering did not live up to your expectations, and we ran out of food…You have the right to demand a 100% refund plus a 20% credit for your next catered event. GUARANTEED!

Next to public speaking, the biggest fear most people have is looking bad in front of their peers. When a caterer doesn’t live up to your expectations, you open yourself up to looking bad in front of many people at your business.

Most people hire a caterer without checking important facts like…

  • What do their customers say about them? (See our testimonials)
  • What is their quality of food? (A caterer should insist you sample before you commit)
  • Will the food be “re-heated” of fresh? (Nothing worse than dry, tasteless food)
  • Do they have different options to fit your budget?
  • Are they consistently “on time” with their service?
  • What are the size of the portions you are paying for? (A lower price might equate to less food)
  • How much notice is needed to book a catering? (Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to feed 1000 people with 24 hours notice?)
  • Can you get a written proposal the same day you called?
  • What service is included in this catering? (You don’t want any surprises on the day of your catering)
  • What if more people show up than expected, or you run out of food? (This area leaves you the most vulnerable with your peers)
  • What guarantee do they provide?

You definitely are armed with some “food for thought.” Please use these questions as a guide when searching for a caterer. The right answers will make you look like a HERO!

After the craziness of our daily lives, you might appreciate some great barbeque. Please pick up the phone and call me at 239-910-0596. We’ll take care of the rest. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Dan Peranich
Owner, Fowler Street Grill and Catering